Ron + Suhanosky = Ronsky's

For as long as I can remember, I’ve wanted to cook. Growing up in Connecticut with families of two different cultures, I was shown the best of both worlds when it came to food. From a very early age, I stood alongside my Italian great-grandmother (Big Nonna) on Sundays as she prepared a feast that would bring our family to gather at her table. On Saturdays, my Hungarian grandmother often had my hands in the flour bin, helping her to bake. Her pie crust was to-die for!

The Italian cuisine, and the culture that comes with it, has always been my passion. This has carried me across the world, through all sorts of experiences. After serving as executive chef in multiple restaurants, opening Sfoglia in Nantucket and New York, writing two successful cookbooks and being honored with a James Beard Award, I opened this small Italian-inspired café and have returned to my roots.

I look forward to having you come in.

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I offer an intimate setting for eight to twelve guests, serving a six-course menu in true Italian fashion. Dinners include multiple antipasti, insalate, pasta and secondi courses and finish with house-made desserts to complete your experience. Any food allergies and aversions are taken into consideration when crafting your menu.

Price per person starts at $85. This does not include wine, tax or gratuity.

In order to book an evening, a $250 deposit is required (all deposits are non-refundable if your dinner party is canceled within seven days of your confirmed date).